• start learning culture

    In a world of continuous change

    a robust learning culture is manditory

    Continuous learning supported with education, experience, exposure, and environment components

  • change is management

    In today's world,

    Change IS Management

  • are you driving change or is change driving you

    Are you driving change?

    Or is change driving you?

  • strong change capability is a prerequisite

    Building a strong Change Capability

    is a prerequisite in today's business world

  • solutions to the human components of change

    Solutions to human components of

    change and transition initiatives

    at the intersection of

    business, design, and technology

  • aligning organizational goals leadership project change management

    Aligning organizational goals, leadership,

    project management, and change management

  • stakeholder expectations have never been higher

    Stakeholder expectations have

    never been higher

    Customers, employees, partners, and suppliers all have high expectations based on

    the experiences, systems, and technology that they use every day



Providing Change Management, Learning & Development, Stakeholder Engagement, and Communications expertise that delivers:

measurable business results

Measurable Business Results

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measurable business results

Measurable Business Results

Through transformation / change program design, development, and delivery that positively affect clients tactically and / or strategically

communications branding

Communications / Branding

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communications branding

Communications / Branding

Effective and engaging communications and messaging with creative branding and media campaigns

cost effective solutions

Cost Effective Solutions

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cost effective solutions

Cost Effective Solutions

Cost effective solutions to meet learning & development, performance improvement, and transition requirements

program project management

Program / Project Management

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program project management

Program / Project Management

Outstanding engagement, program, project, and team management skills

Hot Topics

The topics below are technologies, methodologies, and other trends that I follow because of their relevance to L&D and Change Management. You can use the category filters below to view them in groups. Mouse over each topic and click on the link symbol to learn more.

office 365

Office 365

Office 365 is my office in the cloud.

office graph

The Office Graph

Based on the rich connections and interactions between people through the Office products, Office Graph helps users find content that is relevant to them.



Hackthons are the new networking event. They have become a platform for locating and recruiting top technical talent. They have also gained traction as a tool to facilitate corporate innovation.

design thinking

Design Thinking

I have promoted iterative design and development approaches for a long time. I got started with them using prototyping. They are applicable in any creative process. Design Think stresses the importance of the end user in iterative design.



OneNote is an electronic equivalent to a three-ring binder with tabbed dividers. It is actually the equivalent to multiple three-ring binders. I personally think OneNote is one of the best pieces of software that Microsoft has developed.

enterprise social networks

Enterprise Social Networks

Enterprise Social Networks offer vast opportunity to encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing, innovation, and more. Using them as a tool to drive engagement in other initiatives and projects is another compelling case.

knowledge expertise management

Knowledge & Expertise Management

The management of expertise and knowledge is a crucial problem for organizations. This is a problem I have seen across numerous organizations over the years. I think social networks offer real promise in helping to address these problems.

visual communications

Visual Communications

I am a proponent of visual communications preferring to use images to convent information and promote understanding.