A number of videos were created for ArborSys Group. These were created for webinars, tradeshow booth kiosks, and the ArborSys website. The topics for these videos included an ArborSys Overview, Change Management topics, Structured Content Management, and Technology Selection Advisory.

These videos were created in Articulate Storyline. The process began with a storyboard and audio script. The storyboard was animated in slides in Storyline. Each slide automatically transitioned to the next slide creating the video effect. The audio script was recorded by slide. After being inserted into each slide the animations and transitions for that slide were adjusted to align with the audio track.

Once the Storyline scene was finalized it was played and recorded with the SnagIt screen capture program to record the playback and convert it to MP4. The MP4 file was then encoded and published.

You can find more videos on the ArborSys Group website.

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