The items below are high-level summaries of some of the major projects I have worked on. You can use the category filters below to view them by functional area. Mouse over each topic and click on the link symbol to learn more.

high impact training program

Delivering High Impact Training

Effective training for a major upgrade impacting over 12,000 users in 130 locations under a limited budget.

training across multiple workstreams

Training for Multiple Workstreams in a Business Process Improvement Program

Minimizing productivity impact for a major platform upgrade across multiple workstreams and departments.

change impact

Change Impact 0f a Business Process Improvement Program

Assessing the impact of multiple sequential and simultaneous rollouts on productivity across interrelated workstreams.

reorganizing business units

Reorganizing Claims Units for New Worflows and Systems

Transitioning a claims organization during a consolidation and implementation of new systems and workflows.

evaluating deployment timeframes for training

Evaluating Alternatives to Meet Deployment Timeframes for a New Claims Management System

A viable option for training delivery was required to meet aggressive deployment schedule and assure that staff were fully trained.

revamp corporate e-learning site

Turnaround: Revamping a Corporate E-Learning Site

Meeting audience needs to increase and drive usage of a just-in-time e-learning platform for IT professionals.

refocus instructional design team

Refocusing an Instructional Design Team

Moving an instructional design team from paper-based manuals and online help to high-quality interactive performance support deliverables.

baseline project management skills

Baseline Project Management Skills

Designing a training program to baseline skills prior to deployment of a new methodology and development process.

training needs

Training Needs for a New Underwriting System

Evaluation of training needs for a new system that focused on needs of unique business units.

scenario role based training

Developing Scenario / Role Based Training

Increasing the productivity of work groups through use of scenario / role based training.

automated equipment bid specification

Automating Bid and Specification for Bulk Material Handling Systems

Automating an error-prone manual process for engineers to create and submit customer proposals.

investor relations management reporting system

Investor Relations Management and Reporting System

Automated system to capture company market transaction and performance data to provide investor composition reporting and trend alerts.

marketing planning tracking tool

Implementing a Marketing Planning and Tracking Tool

Developing a tool to track marketing efforts and forecast future business and staff demands.

staff portal on-boarding orientation

Staff Portal for New Hire On-Boarding / Orientation and On-Demand Staff Resources

A portal for new hires to complete company / client on-boarding paperwork and orientation training and also provide an on-demand resources for all staff.

change transition workstream

Leading a Change and Transition Management Workstream

The second release of a clinical data hub for an international pharmaceutical company required an extensive change management and transition planning effort.

convert paper-based project management online

Conversion of Paper-based Project Management Best Practices to Online Resources

A project management methodology including all best practices and process templates were converted to a intranet site for improved access and reference.

awareness communications

Raising Awareness / Driving Communications

The pending release of a new workers compensation underwriting systems required a creative and effective plan for increasing awareness and maintaining communications with stakeholders and users.

patient chart story

Health Care Metaphor to Support a Multi-Course E-Learning

A metaphor to stress the importance of understanding the patient's story was needed for a multi-part e-learning course on medical records review.